Digital Environment

Here you can find a link to the current version of the search user interface of the Islam in the Horn of Africa Project. The interface allows the users to make a general search in both Arabic and Latin script. Results will be displayed according to the three main entities of the database: Texts, People and Manuscripts. In the first result page only ten results per entity will be displayed. Clicking on the entity title it will be possible to see all the other related results. Texts results report only the main texts in the database. For all paratextual entities, please refer to the Manuscript section. The Collections sections allows the user to browse through the various collections of manuscripts digitized or acquired by the Project. The Bibliography section provides a list of the secondary sources referred to in the database. The Advanced Search section allows the user to combine different searches, refining the results, like limiteing them to a single collection, language or script.

The database is developed by Orhan Toy and Fabio Bocconi. It is accessible at